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Reading so much here about oil ....

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... made me wonder if what my dealer suggests is a good idea. They are suggesting Castrol Synthetic Blend 5W-30, and that's what I've done for the first two oil changes (I am at 13K miles now).

Any opinions? Bad / Good / ok?
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My thoughts are that many of us worry way too much about oil. It all must meet minimum standards (which are upgraded every few years). Use a decent oil and change it regularly and your engine should last well beyond the point you want to get a new vehicle. I think there's a good chance your choice of filter will be more important than your choice of oil.

Some people prefer full synthetics, while I am happy using dino (Chevron Supreme).

Castrol is an excellent brand and should serve you very well. Using an oil analysis service such as Blackstone Labs may put your mind at ease.
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