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rear axle shaft price

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Can someone tell me the price of a rear axle shaft in the US? In canada, toyota is charging me $750 with taxes.
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With the bearings pressed on its about $500 US.
Supposedlythe T100 rear axles are the same as the tundras. So, if you can't find a used tundra one from a wreck yard. look for a T100.
Can someone else verify that T100 rear axle shafts are the same as tundra axle shafts? I've got an access cab 4wd 4.7L model. Which T100(if it is) is the one?
As long as you dont have ABS: you would need a non ABS tundra rear housing to run non ABS T100 rear axle shafts

I'm not sure about the compatibility of ABS equiped axles
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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