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Is there a kit with everything I could possibly need for the rear brakes.
Plan on keeping the 2003 Tundra for another 10+ years. Every so often like to do something for it to last.
Everything works fine. But recently replaced the rear brake drums. Old one were so rusty. Has had some of the know Tundra rust problems but think I got it under control.

Anyway notice with the drum off. Everything behind there looked rusted and sort of crappy.
Would like to take a rain day and stripp everything off. Clean the back plates and prime and paint. Then just replace all the parts with new. Is there a kit or parts list so that I would have everything I need?
Is this just a waste and bad idea. Or any parts I should keep?
Not a mechanic mysely. Just a few simple things have done. Like replace radiator, bumpers, trailer hitch etc...
But do have a friend I can call if I get over my head.

Thanks for any opinions.

One other project is the front wheel dust / brake shields are rusted and one has a piece missing.
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