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Rear Heating Vents

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I have an 08 Tundra Crew Max. The rear heater vents in the back of the center console, one of the directional vents fell off track and is stuck down in the vent, preventing the door from opening/closing... I cant stick anything in there to reach it, so thinking I need to remove the center console assembly completely. Any one had to do this yet, or advice on where to start?
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Sounds like a warranty item to me!
its not a warranty deal, someone pushed the vent directional in to the vent itself...
Still sounds like a warranty issue to me. If anything fails on my Tundra during the first 3/36,000, my fault or not (obviously this does not include collisions, etc.), I'll still look to Toyota for repair first.

It would not hurt to try and get it done by toyota. I would go if it was my truck. They got ya for a bunch of money already, so what is a few mins of repair.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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