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Rear shackle installation

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I have some 2" lift shackles that i need some guidance on installing for my 08 tundra. Ive heard its pretty easy, but Ive never been a hands on kind of guy, but i would like to do this myself.

I cant seem to find any threads on how to install (tools, other items) etc. If anyone has any pointers, I would like to hear from you!

Thanks in advance!
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Your going to need some of this i dont know the socket sizes

First: TOOLS: 1 pair of lift shackles
8 washers (some times less)
1 breaker bar
1 air gun/ compressor (not needed but helps to save time)
1 jack
1 hammer
2 deep sockets whatever size is required
1 ratchet

then go to like you tube or google to see if any other trucks have a write up its pretty universal when using leaf springs on trucks
and 1 persuasion tool (BFH)
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should be as easy as any rear shackle some u tube or google searching to see some instructions online
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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