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rear wiper not working 05 sequioa ltd

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Anyone tell me where the fuse is located for the rear wiper? the front wiper and squirter are working, but I don't have any rear wiper or squirtee back there, and it's getting to be a pain in the rain..

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Does your rear window still work? My back window stopped working and the wiper "thinks" the window is still open so the wiper will not work. Mine is an 05 SR5 and a friend of mine works as a tech at a Toyota dealership told me the window motor and controller has to be changed. I haven't had a chance to bring it in yet though. It seems to be somewhat of a common problem on the 05.
OK.. well now it works.. I put the window all the way down and back up, and now it works.. before I had just tried to snug up the window, but didn't run it down and back up...

that solved the problem...

Thanks ... should have thought of it myself...

i was just about to say. i've had this "problem" several times, only to realize the rear window was accidentally lowered a hair lol.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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