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reciever hitch bumper gaurd (suggestions welcomed)

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after being in two different rear-endings in the past 3 days ( thankfully not in the tundy!!) i have decided i need to scrap the reciever ball and go with something stronger....

planning on fabbing up a 5/16th thick square tube steel rear bumper protector that is mounted into the factory reciever hitch...

i have thought about this before, but now i'm really ready to put it into place.. i dont want the tundy taking any kind of rear spill because someones not paying attention...

would also give me a sweet place to mount some massive 100w reverse lights!

not sure yet if i'm going to totally have it where you have to take your tow ball off, or try to incorporate it so it can stay on while towing a load, either way i'm planning on having it line-x'd so that should look pretty sweet.

any questions or comments or just relative suggestions would be appreciated! thanks
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