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I took my 2006 Sequoia to Ourisman Toyota the other day for the Ball Joint Recall. They said that an alignment wasn’t necessary even though it is included as part of the recall. Since I’ve had issues with Ourisman service in the past and since I believe that an alignment should be done any time you disassemble the suspension, I called another local dealer and they said that they always do an alignment as part of the recall. I’d like to start using a different dealer for service. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good Toyota Service center in Northern Virginia? Are there any specific service advisors or technicians that anyone would recommend? Thanks.

I want you to see "Aria" Leader of the Gold Team :tu: at Koons Tyson Toyota. He's my guy here at the Dealership takes care of all my people :D and I haven't had a complaint from him ... the only complaints I have had have been when he's off or out that day and someone else handles the call.......

Last Saturday was his birthday so he is on Vacation this week ...... :( Try him on 19th or 20th ........
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