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I have been searching for a dvd player for a while and after asking two different dealers how much the toyota dvd player was they were unable to name the manufacturer or and definite price. One dealer just pulled five grand out of thin air.

  1. Does anyone know who manufactures the in dash dvd player for the 2008 tundra?
  2. Does anyone have any recommendations for a dvd player?
I don't have the jbl system so anything aftermerket should be fine. I am looking at the Boss audio BV9560B. Has great features and allows for two cameras to be installed but I have always bought jvc's in the past. The higher end JVC models I have looked at don't have all of its functionality. Ideally I would like to get whatever toyota puts in the tundra but they all seemed over worked or didn't give a sh-t at the dealerships. Probably getting fubared from all the recalls. Boss BV9560B 7-Inch Double DIN Motorized Widescreen Touchscreen In-Dash TFT Monitor/DVD/MP3/CD Combo Receiver with Built-in Bluetooth: Electronics

Thanks for any input.
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