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remove replace front fog light and rear tail lights

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I have glass cracks in the right front fog light and left rear tail light assemblies. Looks like both should be relatively simple to replace but I don't want to inadvertently break any critical plastic tabs, etc. in the process. Anybody have removal/replacement instructions for one or both?

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Fog lights snapped into place and the tabs must be carefully spread to pop them out. The aiming adjuster scew requires a delicate touch to remove without damaging the bumper tab.I did it and thought it was easy once yu remove the lower fender splash shields. No bolts are fastened to these fogs. The bezel around the fog lens just pulls out with loose fitting tabs.

The rear tail lights are a breeze. Just two #10 nuts on each. use a Deepwell socket and extension. 1/4 drive ratchet is best for all this kind of body work.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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