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Remove Stock Stereo

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Hi i was wondering if anyone has any tips on removing the stock stereo from my 06 SR5 4x4 DC. i looked at different sites on net and they say there is like 11 steps any help would be greatly appreciated.:ts:
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Your first step would be in removing the faceplate. You do this by removing the three screws behind the three control knobs, AC/Temp/ and the face/feet (not sure of the real word). Then you look in the AC ducts by pushing down on the upper part of the duct and removing the screws in there. One in each duct. I'm sure the rest of these guys know what I'm talking about. Standard procedure.
Check out this link. It helped when I removed my stereo from my 06 Tundra Dcab to install the USA Spec unit for my ipod.

Hope this helps...

ipod2car installtion in 2004 Toy
Thanks for the replies ill try these tomorrow. didnt know about the screws under the knobs
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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