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The clear stone shields down low and in front of my rear tires had been in service for 13 years, and they looked it. My truck has almost 300,000 miles on it and it has it's share of scratches & dents, but these were plain ugly.



Over the weekend I decided to do something about it... I wasn't really sure what I would find underneath, but they had to go. I started with one of those decal removing wheels, and maybe I was using it wrong, but it only made things worse.... what to do?

I grabbed a bottle of Goo-Gone and the widest trim removal tool in my kit, and began scraping the guard off my truck.



A real PITA, but I am loving the results. The spots that I feared might be stone chips turned out to be trapped dirt. Some industrial adhesive remains, but I should have it all cleaned up and waxed in a few days.



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Ronsonol or Zippo lighter fluid takes gunk off better than anything I’ve ever used. I’ve used it on painted surfaces with absolutely no issues. Don’t know what it is about it, but it takes off sticky stuff like nobody’s business.

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