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Hello All -

Just did the head gaskets on the 2UZ-FE and have been riding about 3K miles on it, so far, so good. If anyone needs details, pics, or info please gimme a holler.

After dealer inspection have found center support bushing moooooshed and will handle that this weekend. Unfortunately both rear wheel bearings have crapped the bed, so I bought Timken bearings, inners seals and outer seals to replace. I planned on snatching them out tomorrow and bringing to machine shop to have new ones pressed on.

In my rural area, Tundras are regarded as spaceships and Im having trouble getting it done. I am not familiar with nitty gritty specs on the RWD. Was wondering if I could get this done right at home if I weld up a jig and use a 20-ton press? Have torches and welding equipment in shop if that will help...

One machine shop I spoke to mentioned other parts needed aside from what I have, is that possible? I guess what Im asking is if anyone has done the job and could advise of any tips and a conclusive parts list of what needs to be replaced while I have it apart. I'm also wondering what the axle ratio actually is and if it has positraction?

A "how-to" and " you need the following parts" would be very appreciated, Ive been searching the Interweb for a week. Or any proper description/specs I could give the machine shop to ensure the bearings are pressed right.. If I somehow got everything apart and just needed the bearings pressed on, is there a spec I should tell a machine shop to follow?

Do I need anything else aside from inner/outer seals and the bearings? Sorry if any of my questions are dumb, just trying to get up to speed on this coolest ride Ive ever owned lol....

Gas mileage hints or thoughts on adding a tuner?

Truck has ABS...

Vin is 5TBET38155S464250

2005 TUndra Double Cab Limited 2WD, 4.7 V8

Thanks very much for any input, God Bless...



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