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I replaced my car battey last night in my 2008 Toyota Tundra. Had a remote with me, after I replaced the battery I did make sure that the FOB did open and close the doors by the FOB (with the door open) and then I put it in the ignition to the on position (but I did not start it). I came back the next morning to open it and start it and drive 30 minutes to fully charge the battery. Now the FOBs won't open or close the door (tried both FOBs) one FOB is new with battery. The driver door key turns but will not physically unlock the door (I had noticed that just prior to my battery going dead). I had opened the door panel to check if the cable had come undone - the cable is stil attcahed but it seems the dooe lock is not physically connected to the cable.

To make matters worse I disconnected the battery negative terminal as I did NOT want it to discharge while figuring this out and then the hood got shut all the way. So now I can't access theengine compartment for the battery

Now I have no power to the car. And two keys FOBs that won't activate door locks. And th physical key will not open the door.

I may be able to open Engine Compartment hood from underneath and rehook the battery up for power. But how can I get the FOBs to work without having access. Is there a way to reset the FOBs once you have installed a new car battery on Toyota Tundras?
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