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We have a 2002 SR5 that we love very much. We decided to put money into keeping it awesome instead of dropping oodles of money on a new car.

So, we were very handy and replaced our O2 sensor yesterday (Bank 2, Sensor 1 - based off of T0155 code that Toyota read for us). All seemed really great until we stopped at a stoplight. Then we stalled. Put the truck in park, restarted just fine. Had no problems at the next stoplight. Or the next. But then we stalled in the car rider line at the elementary school. There doesn't seem to be any particular cause, and it will only stall when stopped, but not every time. We bought a new battery because it looked funky - they said so, too - and we hoped that would help. Negative.

I took it to Toyota to get an oil change and asked them to check it out. They want to do a "Peak Performance Package" for $189.95 because they said the stalling was caused by a lot of carbon buildup and that it's just a miraculous coincidence that we changed the O2 sensor yesterday and then it started stalling.

Does anyone have an opinion on this? I know y'all are brilliant (thanks to you, changing the O2 sensor only took about 15 minutes). We want to keep this super road-trip truck on the road for as long as we can. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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