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I recently replaced both the upper and lower ball joints in my 03 Sequoia. I thought people here might like to hear about a few of the details. When I bought my truck, about 3.5 years ago, with around 330k, I went ahead and bought new Moog upper and lower ball joints. At the time, when I took everything apart, all of the boots were in good shape and things seemed pretty stiff. So, I just put the parts on the shelf and let it ride. Now, approaching 400k miles, my wife has been complaining about excessive body roll and some new vibrations in the steering wheel. I decided it was time to change the BJs (whether they were the problem or not!).

The lower ball joints were first. I did them in an evening about a month ago. It really is easy, just 4 bolts and the one big nut. It made a HUGE difference in steering quality. Much more than I expected.

I put off the uppers for awhile because they're pressed into the knuckle. Well, I recently put a new front end in my 03 Tahoe and I already had the ball joint press tool rented from Advance Auto. After a lot of reading and research, it was clear that the AA rental did not have the appropriate press tools for the Toyota UBJs. I purchased a Honda/Toyota specific OTC press tool kit from Amazon (around $50). It was definitely a bit tricky, since it was my first time, but overall it wasn't too bad of a job. I did not remove the knuckle entirely. I was able to lean it out far enough to fit the BJ press onto the UBJ without damaging anything.

With both the upper and lower BJs installed, I can say that it made a SIGNIFICANT difference in steering quality and feel. I haven't even had it aligned yet and it still drives great.
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