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2007 Corolla S was lit up by the garage door. The base of the antenna is destroyed but the mast is fine. Despite the fact that the antenna is destroyed (as in, there's half a chip sticking out from my roof and the detached base and mast are on the floor of the car) my AM and FM reception is just fine.

The exact replacement is about $300. My lowest estimate with labor is over $600--rediculous. There are plenty of alternatives online starting at about $5. They claim to fit a 2007 Carolla, but seem to lack the preamp.

Does anyone know if I can buy a generic base and forgo the preamp? If not, I may just seal it with one of those shark fin attachments; $600 for a radio I don't much listen to is insane.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Here are pictures of an undamaged preamp base and an example of one that would save $290, in case that's helpful:


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