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Replacement Grille for 2006 AC

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:) Hi, all. I am looking for a replacement grille (aftermarket, not OEM) for my 2006 access cab. I would like for it to be black in color and have no other writing on it. Not talking about a snap-on grille cover, but an entire replacement grille...maybe with a honeycomb look. Thanks for your help.
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Just to letcha know, there is quite a bit of talk on this subject in the archives if you wanted to search for it, and I'm sure you could see quite a bit of pictures as well.

Here is a link where to get one. From what I hear they have been discontinued so get 'em while you can, but then again, a dealership told me that, quite possibly because he didn't have any in stock. Who knows.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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