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Replacement Side Mirror 03 Sequoia

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I have an 03 Sequoia. When I purchased I upgraded the mirrors through Southeast Toyota. This included an auto dimming rear view mirror and autodimming side mirrors with built in turn signals. The drivers side mirror is now broken. My dealer wants over $400 to replace this single mirror. I have popped the mirror out and it is made by Gentex and there is a number 060501. I've been unable to find this on the web so far.

Can anyone tell me how I might find this mirror and replace it myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Wyatt
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I got mine here:

Genuine Toyota Parts and Accessories wholesale to the public.

Great price & excellent service. I have been getting most of my parts through them now.
If it's just the mirror glass, try your favorite local auto glass place. A shop near here (Central Mass) replaced my driver's side mirror glass for $20 including labor.

This glass is a little harder to get than your average, we needed to wait a week for the order.

-Greg C
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