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Replacing steering shaft boot (2000 4x4)

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Has anyone replaced the steering shaft boot on a 1-gen Tundra?
I just installed JBA's (had two cracked manifolds) and noticed the steering boot cracked. I'm getting that ticking noise above 2000RPM under load. I'll work on that problem next (sounds like a valve adjustment?) but I think the sound travels into the cab with the boot ripped.
Do I have to pull the steering column out of the way? Any info before I tackle this job will help. Thanks in advance.
Steve Natale
Rhode Island
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Did anyone ever get you a part #.. I need to replace mine as well and cant find one
I just replaced the steering shaft boot on my 2000 AC and it fixed my engine ticking sound. Here is the thread I found that helped me through the process of replacing it. It has the part number for the boot and directions. It was in the sequoia thread which made it hard for me to find. I hope this helps.

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I'm on my 2nd one and it's already starting to tear after 80K miles.

I wonder if the ATV CV boot substitute that someone mentioned over a year or two ago was a suitable replacment. Problem is that no pics were posted, but I don't think you had to pull the intermediate steering shaft from the coupler to slide it over from the bottom up.
From past posts I've read, the design of the steering couplers are different between '00-'02 and '03-'06.
I already had my coupler apart, and had my whole steering column removed from the truck when I replaced mine, so i couldnt tell you how much needs to be pulled apart to replace the seal.

The OEM number for the seal is: 45292-35090. PNC 45292 SEAL, MAIN SHAFT LOWER DUST

That seems to fit all '00-'06 Tundras, but double check with the dealer/vendor before laying down the cash...You should be able to give them your year/model, and then the PNC number for them to pull up the exact number for you pretty quick.
I bought a seal for mine. Went to replace it, broke a bolt off the rusty steering coupler and said the heck with it. I'll wait until I can afford to buy a new coupler too.
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