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Restoring/Repairing 1995 Tacoma

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I recently bought my dad's 1995 Tacoma SX 2.4L, which has been in 2 collisions (and is still running!). That truck needs some mechanical and body work (will post pictures later) and I will need some help with specific parts. I will be replacing the timing chain which I already bought, and need to repair the front end, so I was hoping to get some advice. I will post pics of the damage later in the week. Thanks.
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I have been able to identify most of the parts that I will need to replace, however, there are some that I cannot find anywhere. I have had school the past couple of nights so I could not get any pictures. Tomorrow I will be free so I can post pics of exactly what I need.

Should I be shopping online for replacement parts? Where else would I go?
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