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:tu: I LOVE IT!

I put it in Saturday afternoon. At first i really couldn't tell much difference through the first few shifts, but after a few miles it just smoothed out SOOOO nicely. I am very satisfied.

1st to 2nd was the worst. At any rpm it would hang up and clunk a bit, higher rpm shifts helped a little. Now it is smooth over 2k rpm shifts. Best at 2.5k rpm or over. So there is a faint hang up if I shift at 2k into 2nd but faint. So i just shift a little later now and no clunk! Way better than before (but still faint at lower rpm shifts) From 2nd to 3rd before was a "slight" hang up clunk. Completely gone now. All gears have smoothed out and shift how I figured it should. Higher rpm shifts 3k+ are great now too. You can definitely slam 2nd at higher rpm when I couldn't before without grinding/clunking it in. Obviously it still needs to be shifted like a truck and not a sports car.

Sooo, I am very satisfied with the results and highly recommend it to anyone who wants smoother shifts out of their 6-speed.

I drove more this weekend than i think i have any other weekend just because it felt so good to drive it again! I kept saying to my daughter (2 years old) "you wanna go for another ride?!" haha.

Redline MT-90 synthetic trans fluid - good stuff.
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