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So I am looking to get struts for my tree. Like 90% of the struts out there say "except for self leveling suspension". I have the self leveling suspension. There is one set of struts on rockauto's site that does not have that in the description. BUT because I know that the description is just a blurb from the manufacturer, and that most struts explictly state that they won't work on my truck. I decide that I should just ask them to be sure before I order the part.

Seems reasonable right? Just want to make sure I don't waste my time/money or theirs because of an omission on a possible omission on the description of the part.

So. I email them.

my email
I am looking for quick struts for a 2006 Toyota Sequoia Limited. I have
the air suspension.

Everything listed says "except for air leveling suspension" except these:

I just wanna verify that those Moog's are the correct product for my truck.
their response
To view pricing and availability, please select your vehicle and part category on Everything listed is in stock, ready to ship (unless a delay is noted). Shipping costs appear when you put a part in the shopping cart and enter your zip/postal code. For more information, please see: Help with Finding Parts For Your Vehicle

If you need help deciding which part to choose, please see: Help with Choosing Parts

If the part you're looking for is not listed on, we do not have it and do not know when it may become available. However, we add parts to the catalog daily, so please check again soon.

Thank you for your interest in our products, and for helping to keep our prices low by using our online resources!

RockAuto Customer Service
so basically a form / canned response.
I send another email
Wow, so I get a standard form response. I read all this information off your site.
Obviously a person did not read my email.

I heard good things about you guys, but if I can't even get a human being to respond to a question on whether a part is gonna fit or not then

I'm not a moron, of course I see it's for my make/model/year. But I have the air leveling suspension, and that changes things for which struts fit and I wanted to make sure that the MOOG's thatyou have in stock, will actually work.
so their response to that I finally get an actual human responding
Dear Mr. XXXX,

To double check that a part will fit your vehicle, first locate the part by selecting your vehicle's year, make, model, and engine size in our catalog. Then, please read the part description associated with the part. As long as the details noted in the part description match your vehicle, the part will fit.

If you need further assistance, please see our Help page or click the links below:

Which part will fit my vehicle?
Does my vehicle have that feature?
Understanding Descriptions
Does "left" mean "driver's side" or "passenger's side"?

Thank you,

RockAuto Customer Service

So basically I can't get them to just answer if they think the part will fit or not. I just get a "read the damn description and leave us the hell alone except send us your money" type of response.

really? I don't think it's too much to ask a question on whether a part they are selling fits or not, and to expect an actual person to answer with a yes or no.

anyhoo I know others have used rockauto in the past with no problems, but I just crossed them off. Amazon sells everything they do, and their shipping and return polices are better.


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Try contacting the strut manufacturer directly. I phoned Rancho recently and had a tech on the phone almost immediately. He answered my questions without hesitation and was knowledgeable.

I wouldn't cross off Rockauto just yet. They are pretty good but sometimes you may have to research a little prior to purchasing. But, I agree, they should have someone there that can actually assist you.

Could also pick the dealer's brain. Or possibly a local parts store.

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So that's exactly what I just did, called up MOOG and they told me that that part WOULD NOT work.

I dunno I think it's reasonable to ask the person you are buying from if the part will work or not, and I also think it's reasonable if they were unsure to refer me to the manufacturer. But instead I got a canned response of "read the description" well going by the description it would work.

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Yeah, for sure -- that is frustrating. Even better -- they should be able to hook you up with the correct contact info. Good on you for checking it all out further; just imagine the hassle after receiving stuff you can't use.

Try Summit Racing maybe. I had a good experience with them -- very fast shipping. I'm guessing the service might be better.

Also, JEGS.

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I had a bad experience with Rock Auto and will never deal with them again.
I bought all the belts and hoses for my 1996 Acura from them.
All parts were perfect except for the lower radiator hose.
I tried everything to get it to fit, but it was hopeless.
I even took pictures of the old and new hoses and tried to have them pay for return shipping.
They told me that the part I got was what was listed so get lost.
Maybe in not those words.
The return shipping was what the hose cost.
I bought the new hose at Acura and got screwed, but at least it was a perfect replacement.
Since then, I only deal with Auto Parts Warehouse.
The one at the top was the Rock Auto part.


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