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Roof Rack Removal covers....NEED Help ASAP Due to leaking!

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Hey everybody...

I'm fairly new here and just recently purchased a 2003 Limited V8 4Runner and am ABSOLUTELY LOVING it!!!!!! Traded in a LOADED EX-L Honda Pilot on it and am NOT looking back AT ALL!!!!!

At any rate I NEED some help ASAP guys, and this thread is ATTN'D to anyone with direct access to Toyota Part's information.

I need to find the part number for the small plastic/rubber covers that cover over the wholes that are created when the factory roof rack's are removed.....I removed the said roof racks for a number of reasons but did not think I was creating a new problem in doing so, but I certainly's strange though, because I have replaced the roof rack hold down bolts back into their mount holes and STILL have leaks, but only on the rear wholes.....the fronts do not appear to be leaking at any rate Spring is upon us and with the now wetter conditions I have noticed significant leaks to the point where if this problem is not addressed soon I may destroy my rear speakers including my OEM JBL subwoofer......for the time being the entire rear roof rack hold down area in the back have been covered with Duct tape...this seems to be holding the torrent back for now....but any help recieved ASAP would be greatly appreciated...... large local Toyota dealership, who'll remain unmentioned at this time, seems to be totally UNABLE to find ANY information with regards to these covers.....

See below attached image for the part's I require....I wouldn't think it would be too hard to get this information, particularly from the dealler?????? Oh well, I really love my truck so far....
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