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It seems to cope with the low light from backup lights OK. Not IR capable though. Its more grainy at night, but you can see. IIRC the person who posted the original thread has an auxillary reverse light wired into his trailer harness or something.
sorry guys been on vaca and only half azz lookin at TS.

so far so good on the replies haha. but the light i have is this one
U-Haul moving supplies: Light Buster Trailer Hitch Accessory Light

but even w/o it in there the backup lights have had enough light to make things visible in my monitor.....

the one thing i have had issues with, and not sure if its an angle thing or what, is when i backup in the middle of the day time sometimes the shadow from the truck makes it hard to see..... glad to see others are getting this kit though...cant beat the price IMO.
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