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To my shock and horror I noticed that my 2002 4Runner had developed some rust/corrosion on the bottom interior edge of the passenger side rear door. It runs along the bottom of the door and is about 5 inches in width. None of the other doors have this problem and are all in great shape. The weld/seam that is at the bottom of the door has split open as a result. I will try to post some picture of it. Has any one else had problems with their 4Runners of this body style (1996-2002)? I have never seen any of the older ones with significant rust problems. Needless to say I am not pleased about this. I spent a lot of money on this truck so I could avoid this exact problem: rust!

I have taken the problem back to the Toyota dealer that I bought it off of used 2 years ago and am awaitng their response as to whether or not they will do anything for me under warranty. I have heard that I am likely in for a fight as I have heard Toyota does not do much for rust claims unless the rust is really terrible.

Anybody have any other similar experiences or advice?


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