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I have the chance to buy this S/C for dirt cheap but are missing some crucial pieces. Just wondering if anyone has modified a TRD s/c thermostat housing?
(I came across one user that modified a 05-06 thermo housing I think but not sure) pic attached.
It’s also missing the idler pulley bracket. I know Figs Engineering made them before but not sure if they still are. (Waiting for reply from them via email).
Also wondering if the double banjo bolt and miscellaneous other bolts are still being sold?

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I remember that unit and didn't want to buy it based on the condition it is in.
And....I've seen some bad ones but this one takes the trophy/
Worst looking supercharger unit I've ever seen, rust wise. I've seen some units with bad corrosion before in salt states.
And I've seen a lot of them, helped hundreds personally . And seen a total of at least 800+ since 2007: Ads/for sale units, etc.

You've got a lot of cleaning to do on that unit.

I strongly suggest stripping the entire unit down to bare aluminum.
Start cleaning, removing the corrosion by blasting the unit and applying a new Thermal barrier and thermal dispersant coatings from Cerakote or Techline.
Clean all those fuel lines of rust/corrosion and have them plated again like new.
You do not want chunks of rust coming off clogging your 8 primary and 2 auxiliary injectors do you ??
You'll be in a whole world of trouble if you don't clean up those fuel lines. The rust will come off with the tank being a return system as fuel is under pressure and flowing through-out the lines

Pulley needs to be cleaned, and every moving part within the bearing plate and snout. All rust removed.

Get new all new Grade 10.9 flange hex head bolts as well

As for FIGS Engineering: The owner has a motor with the TRD supercharger unit on it and he helped a guy who I am now helping.
FIGS should have those parts still. For whatever reason they seem to be different in design though.
The person I'm now helping wants me to verify specs on the parts as he was throwing belts, using a smooth pulley and other differences compared to the original TRD supercharger kit.

Double banjo bolt can be sourced.
It's expensive though. But it is an improvement over the original. Exact same dimensions to the orininal
This one is now Gold/Yellow Zinc Coated, and it resembles the OEM banjo in the fuel openings yet with the 4 holes vs 2 for the OEM Naturally Aspirated fuel line Banjo bolts.
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That SC is looking really rough like jamesjr4750 said. Think hard and long about this unit.
I think jamesjr4750 would agree with me that this SC requires a total re-manufacture, porting and thermo coating inside and out.

jamesjr4750 helped me purchase a unit with the major "hard to find" parts intact and a Unichip kit was included. The SC I have now went through the entire re-manufacture, porting and thermo coating inside and out at
PSE Superchargers.

PSE Superchargers
418 Enterprise Dr.
Edmond, OK 73013
(405) 844-2773

I am in a holding pattern with the SC as of this date. I had my 01 in for complete tear down for re-paint (about 4 months). During the time it was in paint I purchased a lot of mechanical parts (in addition to the body parts for the re-paint) I am installing now.
I did have to work a few things out with Unichip but got that straightened out. The Unichip will go on after the miscellaneous parts I got are completely installed. Unichip will hold up to 5 fuel maps total. The Unichip will be installed with a "non SC fuel map" to start....(perlim to installing the SC). Aditionally Unichip loaded 2 fuel maps specifically for mid and high octane based on the modifications I have and the modifications I am in the process of adding.

So, after installing the Unichip, The SC is the last thing to. Unichip has a 5 position switch (which I have) to change fuel maps on the fly. The 2 SC maps from Unichip will allow me to at least drive the truck with the SC to a Dyno Tune Shop where I can fine tune everything together.

As far as the thermostat housing a good fab shop should be able to modify a stock housing.
Wait until you start running down a 160 degree thermostat.....

I am taking it real slow to get there with my SC. I want everything right without rushing into anything I would regret later.

I do wish you the best of luck with what ever SC you decide to get.
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