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I had the scheduled maintenance (Z service pak) done 2 weeks ago on my 02 Sequoia (60K and 90K combined - so the service rep said). I had the brakes done and the Ball Joint recall done also. So I got a survey request from Toyota on how I thought the service was. Well I poped the hood to look things over and noticed that the area around the spark plugs were just as dusty as everything else. I poped one of the plugs and it was old - so they didn't replace the plugs
. Does anyone have a list of the things that are supposed to be done for the Z service pak?

I of course will be scheduling an appointment with the Service Manager tomorrow and want to go over EVERYTHING with him

Spark Plugs MIGHT not be part of either service that you got. I think that Sequoia's have Iridium Spark Plugs. If they are Iridium Spark Plugs they don't need to be changed until they have 120,000 miles on them from what I was told. If I where you I would still ask but you can't go by how much dust is in the area because they have air tooks with extentions and they are in and out of there in no time at all. After you talk with the Service Manager PLEASE post your findings. If I where you I would find out everything that's included before you speak to management. Good Luck, Johnnnny
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