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Your best bet is to go pick up some Scratch-X or PowerPolish from autozone and just rub the scratches out. Try to rub down the length of the scratches and work the polish in until it dissapears. Regular pure car wax wont remove scratches, you need a polish for that.

Also, dont buy turtlewax rubbing/polishing compound. Alot of people use that to remove scratches and end up causing more damage b/c its like sand in a bottle

Another thing is this. If you can "feel" the scratches with your finger nail, it has already gone past the clear coat and you are S.O.L.......especially on a vehicle that has a black finish. Black shows every little imperfection.
A good polish to hide "minor" scratches and act as a filler would do but remember, your not "fixing" the problem, your only 'hiding" it temporarily. Unless you want to repaint that section of your vehicle that was scratched, your going to need to spend special attention to that area with polish at the very least once a month.

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