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Seat hurts my back! Need info on replacing!

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Hi everyone, I am new to the forum.
I recently purchased a Regular Cab 2007 Tundra and the seats are killing me.
I have back problems.
I would like to replace the existing drivers seat with an 8 way manual.

I know they made them for the double cabs, but I cant find one for the reg. cab.
Are they interchangeable? Can they be made to work?

I have attached a pic of the seat I desperately need for my back.

If I cant fix this problem I am going to have to sell my truck!

Any and all help I could get with this matter would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,


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I don't know if a bench seat would be more comfortable, but if so, you can switch seats with another member?
It is a bench, or what toyota calls a bench seat. Its the 40 20 40 seat with the middle seat folding down.
The picture I have posted is the 40 20 40 that I want to get, or just get the drivers side. I need the adjustments as my current seat hurts my back, I am hoping that the adjustable one in the pic will help.
I just need to know if I can take one out of a DC and put it in my RC. I don't think they made any like that for the RC's.
seats hurt my back too...they are too soft but oh well it aint worth buying new ones...thats what medication is for :beer: :lol:
As far as I know, every seat (base, manual 8-way, power...etc) will fit every Tundra configuration. In reality, there's no such thing as "Bench" or "Bucket" seats for our trucks.... the driver & pass seats are identical in both configurations, and the only difference is the center console (buckets), or center folding seat (bench). As you guys know, I recently removed my center folding seat and swapped in a floor console instead.

bdusrayy: I have that exact seat that you have pictured. Basically, start searching for salvage yards with 07+ Tundra's or 08+ Sequoia's (same seats)... and see if you can find a driver's seat to purchase. If I were you, I'd try to find a power adjustable seat, as it's easier to adjust and also has adjustable lumbar support. All of our trucks should be pre-wired to accept the power-seats, so in theory you should just be able to bolt the new seat in and plug in the wire-harnesses (that are probably under your seat already - take a look).
Thanks popo, I guess I will be calling salvage yards.... Unless someone reading this post has the seat I need or wants to trade?
I have a 2005 double cab w/ buckets and center console. Recently had another kid so we don't all fit. I want to change to a bench type seat so I'm thinking I need the fold down center seat. Do I just need to find the passenger seat with attached fold down and will it fit in next to existing drivers seat or do I need to replace it all? Any suggestions appreciated. I'm in the Houston area but can't find in any salvage yards.

Also, has anyone tried using the jump seats that fit between existing seats carried by RV Furniture,Boat Furniture,Van Seats,SUV Truck Seats,Van Tops
Sorry GLKDVM - I don't know about the Gen-1 trucks....
I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find someone to trade you. The captains seats are more sought out for then bench seating. Just make a post in the forsale/trade section. My initial thoughts is that the bench seating may not be what you need for your back but you're more suitable to answer that for yourself than any of us.

Try looking into seat covers or talk to your doctor about seating options. It may be a $30 fix in the form of a cover.
just found a complete 40:60 seat out of a 2006 Tundra on ebay and bought it. I've been told that from 2 sources that all Gen1 seats are interchangeable. Hopefully they are right.
Good info in this thread!! The only thing that I have not seen mentioned here is the seat mounted air bags. I personally would make sure to disconnect the battery prior to pugging or unplugging the seat. These things have potential for a lot of damage or injury. Any cover you buy should be designed to handle them too, or they can cause problems.

Good luck with your quest bd.
Still no luck finding a seat..... Anyone want to buy an 07 tundra with 28000 miles? :)
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