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We’re looking to put together a meet-up for Tacoma owners to come and see the 2016 Tacoma. A lot of the details are up in the air right now and this will really only happen based on your interest/participation.

Recently media from across the US tested the new 2016 Tacoma at an off-road facility outside Seattle. The folks at are planning to use the same spot to host you, current Tacoma owners. They'd like you to come out, have a look at the Tacoma, tell them your thoughts and of course enjoy some good food.

Here’s the plan, but please be advised, this is only an idea of what we’d like to do.

  • Get an up-close look at the new 2016 Tacoma
  • Get an off-road ride-along from a pro driver
  • Drive your own truck off-road at this unique facility
  • Have some good (free) food

~ GP community support
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