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Selling '95 T100 - Fair Price?

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Got a '95 4WD Extended Cab with auto and air. Good shape, runs great, well maintained, but 237,000 miles on it. I would drive it, without concern, from the east coast to the west coast without doing any work on it first, the thing just keeps running.

I just ordered a 2007 DC Tundra so the T100 is up for sale. What do you think is a fair price?

Thanks for your thoughts.
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I'm sure its still got alot of life left in it but the high miles are going to kill you on getting a good sale price. Start by asking the kelly blue book value but be prepared to get offers of at least a thousand below that price.
Thanks for the reply. I listed it in the paper for $4,400.00. The first person who looked at it offerred $3,800, and we settled at $4,000 which I am happy with. By the way, KBB said $4,450 was fair "private sale" price but Edmunds said $1,500. I wonder why such a disparity between websites.
Thats pretty low, I have actually seen that year and in the 200,000 mile range going for around $7,000 i know it seems steep but the t100's just dont stop running and people still pay top dollar for them even with that many miles.
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