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Not sure if this is just our problem or something to get used to, but on our 2009 Sequoia, which we have had for a year, I had to really stomp on the brakes and did not get the "reaction" that I thought I should. It was the first time in that situation and it made me think something was wrong with the brakes.

I figured the tires should have just about locked up - but they did not. It was at a yellow light and so I basically had to instead gun it and get through the intersection. What it felt like was if I had been on a slippery road and instead of the wheels locking up, the anti-locking brakes had just kicked in to slow but not cause a lockup.

I tried it later on a back road and what I figured out is that if you just "hit" them, they do not respond much - you have to press really hard and then they kick in.

Is this "normal" behaviour for the Sequoia? I know my Honda Pilot will brake fast if I hit them the same way.

Any thoughts before I take it to a garage?

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