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The fix is easy and it's cheap.

Replace your steering rack bushings. You can read all about it on this thread.

I replaced mine on my '00 Tundra about a month ago and on my wife's '01 Sequoia last Sunday.

The original bushings are made of rubber and are quite soft. When the wind blows from the side, the old bushings compress, which causes the rack to shift to the side, which causes the wheels to steer to the side, and you have to correct for that with the steering wheel. The wind varies, so the steering varies.

The replacement bushings are made of plastic and are quite hard. When the wind blows from the side, the new bushings don't compress, which means the rack doesn't shift to the side, which means the wheels don't steer to the side, and you don't have to correct for anything with the steering wheel. Even when the wind varies, the steering doesn't.

The difference is amazing. It costs about $40 or so and took me about 20 minutes to change.

And, I would have the alignment checked after the change. This fix will NOT change camber and caster, but it can change the toe settings and it might make your steering wheel be non-level when the vehicle rolls in a straight line. A simple toe re-alignment will fix that.
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