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Look up DJ's alignment specs for Tundras...apply the same reasoning to your Sequoia, the adjustment/specifications are probably very, very similar.

Next...make sure your tires aren't waaaaaay overinflated. Put the tires at what's listed on the door...don't let them bump the tires up to 45# or something ridiculous...they aren't Firestones on an Explorer.

If my tires are overinflated the truck feels squirmy on the highway and in turns...kinda freakish honestly...that's at 35# front and rear. Dropping back to the 26# (front) listed on the door settles it down, and on the Tundra with an unloaded rear I run a different pressure (24#) than they recommend on the door--40#--which would be for a loaded truck.

If the tires are overinflated or the alignment is bad, it will feel like the wind is going to blow the truck off the road. Make sure you check both and make sure they're inflating to the correct pressure, not the legal-department-recommended pressure...too high hurts as much as too low, just in different ways.

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