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Sequoia is a VIP in Vegas

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Just took the Sequoia to Vegas for a week. (I also took my wife, but I don't share those stories.) I've been there before and have never recieved the attention of the valet staff the way I did with the Sequoia. At 3 different hotels ( Mirage, Mandalay Bay and Four Seasons ) it was kept right up front with the Ferraris and such. Once, I went to pick it up and they couldn't find it, then they noticed what I hadn't, the back of the card was stamped VIP, so they kept it in another area. I was asked if I was staying in the Sky Suites, the Villa Suites etc. Wow. I definitely don't look or dress like the Suites kind of guy, but my Sequoia plays the part well.
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Really? People just asked me if I had decided to start a family and if I was going to fill up the back with soccer balls, lol! Maybe I should have taken it to Vegas :)

I wonder if it was more a function of the vehicle's size. VIP spots are probably bigger and easier to park a large SUV.
Well hey either way, sequoia's are nice !%& SUV's, in my opinion the nicest on the road hands down. I love ours and it looks great parked next to my tundra too. Haha
I want to put a Sequoia front on my Tundra! That was my favorite part of the entire vehicle. I think it looks more truck-ish.
I remember going to Fenway Park to catch a game last summer, and as I was walking up one of the ramps I noticed all the players' wives and significant others parking their cars in a little VIP parking area within the stadium. There must have been at least 3 Sequoias there.
That's awesome!!! Can't wait to take mine to Vegas.

I recently took a trip to Monterey and didn't use valet but a few of the valet guys noticing my Sequoia and one asked what kind of rims I had on so I told him they were off the Limited Tundras. It's pretty cool when people notice these things.
The sequoia seems to be the "It" vehicle in the Burbs around Houston. I have seen several here and other upscale burbs. It is nice to carry a family and their stuff for a weekend get away to the hill country.
I liked my Sequoia because NO ONE has them around here! :) Most dealers in my area do not have any on the lots either. Unlike Tundras, which are everywhere.
Danville is an upscale bay area suburb, Sequoia is the new thing around here. Lots of Platinums and some Limiteds too, with TRD wheels and the thule up top.
I don't get a lot of comments, just nods. :confused:
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We always find people staring at us. I am not sure if it is because of how we park, we have a gas guzzler or they are just admiring the SUV. What is really funny is that we take so long to park at the big box stores. We have to be away from other cars, highest spot in the lot and way away from any carts.
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We're at Zion National Park right now and have seen quite a few Sequoias. White is the most popular color by far (that we've seen). Will be spending the night in Vegas tomorrow on our way back to Cali, may have to test this VIP theory!
Make sure you wash the dirt from Zion off before you valet it, they probably won't VIP a mud covered truck in Vegas. I don't think they appreciate a good mud spray pattern there.
Amazing, I love my Sequoia! I drove my mine to Vegas once with friends and yeah, people really noticed it then. Valet kept parking it up front with the nice cars so it made us feel extra special.
Nobody has really said anything about mine in Florida and I have had it since they first came out. After two years and 62K miles the only comment was from a friend who thought it was the new Landcruiser...
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