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Probably there are minor differences between the model years. Like I said, I'm pretty sure about 01-04, but not later.

It sounds like heated plus manual-folding is a variation of the SR5 basic mirror, available on the Tundra only. It's when you get into the power-folding versions that you're truly screwed as far as access goes.

Having taken both apart, I can tell you that the guts of a power-folding version are completely different than a manual folding one, regardless of the other options. The shell looks the same, but internal mounting points are different, so you can't transplant the guts of one type to the other (that was a shortcut I tried earlier, when I only owned two of the three possible types...).
Hi I have both a 2002 & a 2003 Sequoia, The 2002 is a limited Black with Power folding Mirrors.
Does anyone know where I can buy a driver side (LH) Power Folding Mirror other than the Dealership?
New or Used please respond to [email protected] Thank You - Scott
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