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I have a 06 dc ltd.

I've seend some of the steeringwheel controls on the net but the local (canadian) dealer can't find a part number.

What i want to do is take apart my siruis radio remote and mount it in the wheel (around/above cruise) , remote mount the ir led so it will shoot to the radio unit that's in the center console cubby hole at the front.

My truck has a blank filler plate on the wheel right now (rh side - not the audio controls). What i want to do is get the rh side buttons to replace the blank with , then those buttons could be used to activate the sat raio controls.

I believe the part i'm refering to has something to do with cell phone controls or something. I know the buttons won't do what they say but i'll know what they do and will look factory and proper, back lit if i'm lucky.

So what i need to know is a part number or someone who has one of these buttins on there truck. What the intended purpose is , and hopefully a part number. I'm thinking it's a us device only as the toyota dealer in canada can't find the part (just a blank listed) . Tried tundra and seqoia.

I hope it's not port installed as it might be hard to get replacments.

And if that's not enough .... can i assume the canadian and us models (with the buttons on the right) are the same construction ? So i could put a us part in a canaidian truck.

Any help welcome

Thanks , martin :)
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