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This problem happen to me as well few hours ago. I wake up in early in morning bout 5:15am the New Mexico winter weather was 9 Degrees outside... I stated my truck... Warmed it up for bout 10 mins... Before, I left my drive way the Check Engine light was on, TRAC OFF light was on, and 4LO was blinking... Thank God that I found this Website and found out I wasn't the only one with this problem. First thing I did was I twisted off and back on the gas cap; next turn off all the lights off the truck; then unhooked the Battery cable for about 5 Mins... After that I re-hook back the battery gave it another 3 mins before I turn my key on to start it. I worked great!!! All the warning lights went off and the truck works right new!!
I think this winter weather has something to do with this electronic system board.
Thank you so much for all your info about this problem!
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It worked like a charm!! Thanks for the info!
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