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Howdy - need tires for a 06 Tundra (the Waltrep edition) has an 18 in RIM x 9. Was looking to go for 33' (likely 285/65/18) BFG AT KO's. Anyhow the truck is stock now and I don't think it will house the tires without a lift in the rear (AAL) and at least the Blisten 5100 shocks up front. Will also do the CV boot mod.

For those that have done a lift mod - did you do a DIFF drop?

Does anyone know if any good truck mod shops in Northern Virginia (Leesburg area) that does truck lifts. There is a Trick Truck shop in Chantilly that is close to me but I don't have any experience with them - has anyone used them for a MOD/LIFT - (was your experience good/bad, etc) - would you recommend them (or someone else)

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