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Should I replace my spark plugs?

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Original owner, 2005 Sequoia, 158K miles, and dealer is telling me to replace them as they are the originals. Vehicle runs great, engine runs smooth, and I really don't want to mess with anything that could potentially be seized up and break off. BUT.... should I anyways?
(The vehicle does run a bit loud at highway speeds, but I never thought this could be a contributing factor)
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Yea, change the plugs, inspect the coil packs. Hell, replace the airfilter. Maybe clean the maf sensor & throttle body.
When i did mine a few of the plugs were barely finger tight, it's a low torque spec to begin with, and probably loosened over 10 years of heat cycles.
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Sometimes it is better to be "pro-active" rather than "tow-active". LOL Chap
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