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Some of this talk about the 03' Tundras has me thinking.....

Before I bought my 2000 Tundra V8 4wd, I had test driven a 2003 Tundra V8 4wd. I remember commenting on how powerful it was. It was like a rocket and I just barely had to press down the accelerator to get it to move at a decent pace.

I really did not notice at first, but my 2000 Tundra V8 (also a 4wd acccess cab) does not seem nearly as powerful (at take off) as this 03' did. Also, I had tested an 01' Limited 2wd V8 and it was not as powerful either. I asked once if the 03' engine was higher HP than the 00-02's, but I was told no.

Now I am wondering why the 03' accelerated much more quickly under light acceleration than my 00' does. Perhaps he had a special air filter on there or something? It looked ALL stock. I am going to check my air filter tomorrow and see if it may be dirty.

I think the PO said it had a K & N filter and it was "washable"? Does anyone know if this is true? I am unsure, as I have never owned a K & N air filter.

My power is good on my truck, but would love that faster acceleration at low RPMs than I have now. I like to "baby" my truck and accelerate lightly (never over 3000 rpms), but when I do so, I do not like to get passed by Cavaliers, Escorts and Saturns from a stop (even though they are accelerating harder, with a much lighter car). :rolleyes:

Any advice on how to "cheaply" increase my take-off power greatly appreciated, or why this 03' was like a rocket when compared to mine.
Electronic throttle control....I think the difference in speed is all in the head.
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