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The air filter "could" be the reason for the difference in power, and I'm totally basing this on comments from other members, that a K&N filter can drop your torque a little.

I suppose the easy solution would be to check the filter, if its a K&N you could try a paper filter to see if there's a difference, that's a cheap test.

If it was sunny and warm in the 2003, I would have expected your truck to be a bit quicker when the air outside is a little cooler.

My snow tires are the same size as my all seasons, according to the numbers printed on the side of the tires, but my winter tires are actually taller and heavier. I do notice a difference.

It could be the tires on the 2003 were different.

Do you know if your truck was used for towing on a regular basis?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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