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How about a muzzle?

I lived with a roommate who had a weimaraner that barked all day. He got the shock collar, and after we had fun testing it on ourselves, it only worked on the rolled leather dog collars. He just got used to it and kept barking. Now he has the dogs penned up inside all day, everyday... stupid if you ask me. What's the point of having a big dog if you're going to keep it in a 4'x8' pen all the time?

They could probably still whine and howl with a muzzle I guess.

It sucks trying to keep dogs from doing what comes naturally to them, but at a certain point, the noise has to be controlled.
Does your dog play security and surveillance roles? If you answered ‘yes,’ you might have noted that it is sensitive to the slightest prick or disturbance. If there be any hope that you can and will indeed do a good job, you must lay your hand on a collar which fits those dogs precisely.
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