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Hey guys, I am looking for some suggestions on a good side bed tool box. So far I haven't found anything made just for the crewmax bed. Read on for more detail if you have some coffee close by.

Looking for a place to install a second battery (Odyssey PC2150) and an inverter in my truck (1000 Watt Pure / True Sinewave).
For the battery, I have heard some have installed a Cold Air Intake and placed the extra battery in the place freed up by the smaller intake but I haven't seen any good pictures for the 2nd Generation Tundras.

For the inverter, the engine compartment seems a bit hot and the other typical locations (under seat and back wall) will be taken by amps.
The route I am leaning toward is to place everything in a side bed box. This would enable me to keep my interior room, have a VERY short run of cable between the Battery and Inverter, and only takes up space on the side of the bed that I never use anyway.

Key features I am looking for in these bed boxes are:
  • Box must start at the front of the bed so powerwires can easily be run up front to alternator, and amps inside Boxes like this are difficult to find as the reduced bed size in our Crewmax trucks is lopped off on the front. That lopped front area makes the distance between the front of the bed and start of the wheelwell very small.
  • Retain room for 4x8 plywood
  • Retain length of bed for Motorcycle
  • Keep low profile so it does not stick over the sides of the bed
  • Retain at least front tie down loops somehow (may need to be moved to the floor in front of box)
Here are some of the options I have found, though I have not compared measurements yet. At first look, there are no Crewmax versions so some serious hacking would have to be done to a brand new box.
Here are some general measurements of the Crewmax bed FYI:
Inside bed length - 66.7"
Inside bed depth - 22.2"

Inside bed width at tailgate - 66.4"
Inside bed width between wheelwells - 50"
Width of each wheelwell - 8.2" (Not Measured)

Front of bed to wheelwell - (Not measured yet)
Wheelwell length - (Not measured yet)
Wheelwell to tailgate - (Not measured yet)

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Howdy Gregg,

Yeah, I have seen the Undercover Swing Case. It is plastic and goes for around $200 bucks shipped at the cheaper places. I am not particularly crazy about the plastic construction and it doesn't runt the full length of the bed. Good for some folks but does not meet my requirements. Plus, the battery alone weighs about 80 lbs! Add an inverter and heavy cable and I'm going to need some heavier construction, preferably one that sits on the floor. Thanks for the suggestion though.

I am thinking responses are limited due to the info overload I dumped in the first thread. Hopefully some more folks can suffer through it and provide some info!

Any custom options out there for reasonable prices?

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If you are not concerned about cutting and welding, why not make a custom box out of wood, then have it line-x for protection from the elements? Get exactly what you want that way......I am pretty sure line-x adheres to wood but you can easily confirm.......
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