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Side Mirror Debacle Fix (04 Limited)

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So the previous owner of my 04' Limited decided that instead of replacing one of the power folding mirrors when it broke down, he would just run a screw through the pivot in the housing fixing it in place. Now, if you hit the "power fold" button on the controller, you get a horrible grinding noise on the driver side, and the passenger side folds. That being said, there is something wrong in the passenger side also - it's so flimsy that when you drive it slowly folds in on itself. Clearly a safety issue.

So, I'm going through my options for how to fix this. I don't have easy access to a salvage yard - otherwise I would just try and grab two power-folding mirrors and swap them over. Do I just need to resign myself to going and finding power-folding replacements at some point when I am near a salvage yard? Or has anyone found a "new" aftermarket solution that doesn't break the bank? I want to preserve all the functionality, since that feature is actually relevant to me (I live in the Rockies, and often park in garages that are...tight).

Thanks for whatever help you guys can give me!
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Your's power folds both? Now I wonder if mine is broken or didn't have it in the 01s

I would say find a junkyard but make sure it's a power mirror. Like I said, mine doesn't on the drive side and has no grinding noises.
A quick search online shows about $50 per mirror for aftermarket but I don't know about the quality of them, see if you can find one with good reviews.

Mine had a aftermarket clicker system at one point and has a ton of wiring added in the doors, now I wonder if the install for that broke a wire or something? Mine has had a heck of a life being an ex emergency vehicle, now this is getting added to the list of things to look for.
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