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SIRIUS anyone?

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Has anyone heard the latest news on the Camry SIRIUS package? I ordered one with my car and my dealership still cannot give me any information. Their latest line is because of the proposed merger its taking longer and may not happen... I do not buy the merger line since both companies have been trying to merge for years, but the FCC keeps denying it.
So, does anyone have the truth?
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read this thread from february. i had my kit finally installed after buying september. should be available to you.
I have a 98 Camry with a Sirius installed on the left side of the dash, wired into a different receiver than stock, in the dash. Though my comment may not be pertinent to availability, it may be to usefulness. The merger with XM is pending FCC approval. If that flies, XM and Sirius are supposed to be doing the actual merge of systems towards the latter part of the year. That given, if all goes well, Sirius has said that old receivers should still work. However, my fear now is that they will have a pretty solid monopoly in their market sector and I wonder how that will affect subscription prices. Thought this was worth sharing.
Spoke with my dealership today and they told me the new date is April 19th, however it appears that you can purchase the two pieces at the Toyota Store:

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