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Sketchy front end floating at High speeds

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Hey guys new to this forum I have a 2002 sequoia that I'm having an issue with that I can not figure out a solution to. When driving on the freeway at 75 mph the steering feels very floaty and I feel like if I had to make a quick move this car would flip. I do not allow my wife to drive it because of how it feels I'll list below everything I have done.

Replaced Rack and Pin bushings

Replaced upper control arms

Replaced front struts

Replaced both lower control arms

Replaced both sway bar links

Replaced driver side upper ball joint

Replaced driver CV axel

Replaced Driver ABS Sensor

Replaced Driver Wheel Bearing

Replaced both front rotors

alignment was done and no change in the feeling.

Both lower ball joints replaced 2-3 years ago from dealer recall.

Current setup 285/70/17 with a 2.5 front spacer leveling kit. and wheel spacers.
also when taking fast curvers my traction control always comes on too when turning to the right.

I'm starting to feel this floating issue and traction control issues are all related to the bigger tires + Lift + Spacers. I'm almost considering just going back to 265/70/17 to see if there is any difference to my issue.

Thanks guys
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I would first double check that every last bolt related to the front suspension and steering is tight.

Your situation sounds very similar to how my 2006 Sequoia drove when I removed the front sway bar (very loose at highway speeds, where you'd turn the wheel and feel the body move a half second later). So I'd also double check that the sway bar/ links are installed and tightened down correctly.

After that I'd make sure it's had an alignment from a reputable shop. After I installed my lift and some other front end related components the steering was very "squirrely" and wanted to jump all over the place whenever I hit the tiniest of bumps in the road. It drove like a dream after I got it aligned.
Check the alignment, acquire a printout of the data, and measure the caster angle. The caster angle is set very low from the factory and only worsens if the front of the car is lower than the back, making the car very easy to steer at low speeds but quite frightening at high speeds.

When the caster angle is set between 8* and 10*, high speed handling is substantially enhanced. If your car is less than this (from the factory, they are set quite near to 0*), you can install "Caster shims" and longer lower beam bolts. Purchase two sets of shims since they can be stacked (up to two) to achieve the required angle for the front end.

It's an easy process to set up. Remove the lower beam bolts, then loosen the top ones, insert the shims, replace the lower bolts with the longer ones, and tighten everything.
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Had a similar situation and it was the middle rack and pinion clamp/bushing that was slipping. I know you just replaced them, but worth a check. Chap
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