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Hey all,

So needing help. I have an 05 AC with headlights that have the dual bulb corner and the little light inside the headlamp housing. So i see them all for sale, but i CANNOT seem to find a set that is smoked. I see they have out there ones with the single corner bulb, and no little light inside the headlamp housing, but i would like to have the one that comes with the factory vehicle, just smoked. I have had people tell me to use the spray tint can, on clear ones after i purchase them, but i know the tint fades and goes bad after a year or so. not really interested in doing the smoked vinyl look, just too much to deal with.. has anyone seen smoked headlight kit for the 05 ACs? i ONLY see them available for the DCs.

this is the look that is available for the AC models and fit, but does not have the second bulb in corner, AND the little light in the headlamp housing:

this is basically what i want, but i do not see them available for AC models.

anyone have any thoughts ideas?? I thought maybe that the second link for the DC, could fit my AC because they are the same light bulb amounts, and such, but i heard the headlight is wider on the DCs or maybe im reverse.

Thanks in Advance guys!
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