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snorkel, Cold air intake, headers

I am looking to put a snorkel on my 4.7l 2000 tundra,... arb doesnt make one since tundra is strictly a north american vehicle, and arb is an aus. company. A friend said he bought the late 90's landcruiser model and made it work,
Does anyone else have some imput or advise??????
also I just put on the JBA titanium ceramic headers and catback exhaust, and I was thinking about putting a cold air intake, but with the snorkel it would require one that is enclosed. I noticed that TRD makes one, but only for '05 and newer.... I guess it would be best to just use a k/n filter with the stock air box??? the snorkel requires the box to function properly, obviously. Anyway, my question is anyone know what to do about A snorkel, and what set up for cold air intake would work best with a snorkel, and the headers/exhaust setup?????? By the way I just registered for this forum so if my questions seem stupid I apologize!
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